The sudden sales of Michael Jackson albums on the iTunes music store shows exactly why traditional music stores selling cd’s can’t compete: they weren’t available immediately (24/7) and just couldn’t have enough stock, while digital business never runs out.

I’ve been using Firefox 3 for some time, mostly after I discovered some great plugins and themes for it. The best plugin was Firebug, and although at later stages a similar function became available in Safari, I kept using the browser I knew best. Changing browsers is not something you should take on lightly as it is nowadays your environment for a lot of your computer usage.

With Safari 4 I decided to retry Apple’s default Mac browser, because of the nice new technologies it provides (HTML 5, web font rendering, newest CSS features), and because it will then render on my Mac exactly like it does on my iPhone, even syncing bookmarks between them. So I set out to try it, and a couple of weeks later, I decided to not go back.

It works then – but what were my most missed Firefox features and most positive Safari experiences? Here’s a list of differences that mattered to me:


What happens if you share your screen… with yourself?

Share your screen with yourself

Share your screen with yourself

Just some new photos.

Fuchsia up close and personal


Fuchsia detail


Arty rosy

Rose closeup

Flying high

Bumbletree inc.