Last weekend we of course went to Essen again for Spiel ’10, world’s biggest board game fair.

Some photos of the games we saw and played and the update to our own collection is shown below.

Atlantic Congress Hotel in EssenMulti-touch board game table at Spiel '10Our hotel roomResults of the first day at Spiel '10Aether at Spiel '10Gosu at Spiel '10Bridgetown races at Spiel '10Space junkyard at Spiel '10Cortexcape at Spiel '10Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space  at Spiel '10Survive at Spiel '10Mr. Jack pocket at Spiel '10Results after two days at Spiel '10Results after two days at Spiel '10

For detailed descriptions, see Suzan’s Geeklist.