Today, 16 years after its original release, Focus has been made available on the mac App Store.

Triggered by a necessary update for macOS Catalina, I’ve gone trough the hoops to add the app to the official store for the first time. The free download can be found here:

Board Game Stats 1.8 just became available on the App Store, with Cloud sync, Landscape mode and more. Check also the new dedicated website:

New in version 1.8:

Cloud sync: sync your Plays between your devices with this in-app purchase. Try it free for two weeks!

  • Automatically keeps your devices in sync
  • Syncs all Play details, Players, Locations and Games (with exception of photos)
  • Keeps a complete backup of your database in the cloud.

Also new:

  • Landscape orientation. Now view all Board Game Stats screens in landscape format.
  • Swipe through your plays’ photos full screen
  • Stability improvements: tries to restore itself after a problem occurred.
  • Adds a + 1 round button to the Play details screen.
  • BGG usernames are no longer case sensitive for logging in.
  • Ability to remove an image from a Game by swiping over it in the edit screen.
  • Asks to discard changes if you cancel editing a Play after change something.
  • The Locations list now has an index in alphabetical view as well.

Lots of stability improvements, minor enhancements and bug fixes, among which:

  • Winner calculation takes decimals into account.
  • Displays year correctly for jan 2016 in certain locales.
  • Removes duplicate plays from BGG if posting encountered a problem before.
  • Prevents crashes when filtering while adding and deleting games and players.
  • Prevents problems when restoring state resulting in a list of Games with no way to leave the screen.
  • Better compatibility with iCloud Photo Library when linking images in the photo library.

Version 1.7 of Board Game Stats has been submitted to Apple. It can take 1 to 2 weeks until it appears in the App Store.

  • Biggest new things in this version:
  • Support for anonymous players
  • Auto-post to BGG
  • Better image management
  • Search fields for Players and Games
  • Settings for articles to be ignored while sorting
  • Average play time for a Game
  • and lots of other small things, fixes and improvements.

The new version of Board Game Stats is available on the App store.

In this version you’ll find:

  • Added ‘All time’ view and extra pie charts to the Statistics screen
  • Complete statistics screen can now be shared as an image
  • Fixes problems with logging in to BGG if username or password contained certain characters
  • Better BGG game searching results, handles lots of results better
  • Ability to add comments and images to a Play while editing it
  • Supports multiline comments for Plays
  • Pie charts have more colors, display percentages and show number of ‘other’ values
  • Lots of other small improvements and stability enhancements.

Roodborstje Pimpelmeesje Pimpelmeesjes
Pimpelmeesje Pimpelmeesjes Vlaamse gaai

Board Game Stats 1.4 is available on the App store NOW!


This version is updated to be compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

  • Fixes problems with logging and posting to BGG
  • Improves BGG posting and provides feedback while busy
  • Now has an in-app message if there are known problems with BGG connection
  • Added ability to add photos to a play, the first one is also used in Twitter posts and sharing
  • Added profile images for Players
  • Added a 2014 statistics year overview which can be shared and exported
  • Creates auto-backup file for rescue via iTunes if no other recovery method works anymore
  • Added overall win percentage for a player, displays BGG name
  • Lots of other small fixes and improvements.

Download on the App Store

We returned from a successful Essen fair, having played lots of games, viewed even more, and bought a couple. Look here for the complete story: Suzan’s BoardGameGeek Geeklist.

This is what we came home with:
Essen 2014 Haul

Of course we were walking around in our not-to-miss Board Game Stats polo shirts:

BGStats polo Suzan BGStats Polo Eerko

Board Game StatsDo you play Board Games? We do, and needed a simple tool to record our scores, and also show statistics on our plays, scores, games and how well we do against other players.

Therefore, we created the app Board Game Stats, which is now available on the App Store.

Features include

  • Enter Games and set an image and scoring rules
  • Set Players and Locations
  • Enter your plays including location and scores per player
  • Calculate scores on the fly
  • Create teams and enter team scores
  • Search games on BoardGameGeek to load more details and a game image
  • View statistics for Games, Plays, and Players
  • View statistics for a specific combination of players
  • Export and import scores for easy backup and transfer
  • All in a native iOS interface

For screenshots: continue to the Board Game Stats page.

Download on the App Store

Ken je de iTunes kaarten die je bij veel verschillende winkels kunt krijgen? Ze zijn niet alleen leuk als cadeau, maar ook erg leuk om voor jezelf te kopen.

Waarom? Omdat er vaak aanbiedingen zijn waarmee je ze met korting kunt kopen. Ze vertegenwoordigen echter wel altijd de volledige waarde in iTunes of de Apple App store voor je iPhone, iPad of Mac. Op die manier koop je effectief alles uit de store met korting!

Er zijn veel verschillende winkels (meestal niet online) die regelmatig korting geven tussen de 15% en 20%. Eenmaal hebben we een actie gezien van 25% korting, die was precies één dag geldig. De meeste acties lopen een week en gelden vaak voor specifieke kaart-waardes of bij aankoop van meerdere kaarten.

Welke acties nu geldig zijn en binnenkort komen kun je zien op iTunes kaart aanbiedingen. Deze werken we regelmatig bij!

Door na het kopen je kaart in te wisselen in de online store krijg je een tegoed ten waarde van de kaart, die je in zoveel kleine uitgaven kunt besteden als je wilt. Je hoeft dus zeker niet het hele bedrag ineens te besteden.
Veel plezier!

Elk jaar heeft Concept2 een Global Marathon challenge, waar je een halve of een hele marathon voor moet roeien. Ik ben voor de halve (21.097 meter) gegaan, en zie daar:


Mijn tijd: 1:55:37

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