Photos from yesterdays visit to Essen are posted here.

Games played or followed playing:

  • Die Säulen der Erde
    looks very promising
  • Cleopatra
    very nice game, easy to learn, some interesting aspects
  • Fiji
    simple game, bad explanation so played it completely wrong… which wasn’t very fun
  • Yinsh
    good as ever, but Peter is waaaay to good at it 😛

People we’ve met:

  • Peter [vleeseter] and Eloïne [Eloine] who I came with
  • Britta [geoline] who will be there all days
  • Roland [Rincewind] who is demoing at the Days of wonder stand
  • Menno [Xom] and Suzan [Suzan], both there for all days
  • Thea [eyeplay], her first time on the fair

Games I bought in alphabetical order:
Blokus, Cartagena 2, Einfach Genial – Reiseedition, El Grande, Emerald, Goldrush-City, Haps, Inka, Maharaja, Piranha Pedro, Power Grid (Funkenschlag), Power Grid – Benelux/Central Europe, Raub Ritter, Reef Encounter, San Juan, Through the Desert, Turbo Taxi.
Or look at the pretty pictures ;).