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Too early, sunday morning, we departed for England. Too early was a true word, ’cause my sister in all her enthousiasm booked the car ferry the wrong way. So after we’d been told that we couldn’t go from Dover to Calais starting in France, our tickets were corrected and we cought a boat several hours earlier than was necessary (in addition to the extra hour we won by moving up a notch in the timezones). It was however very relaxed to arrive early at our destination, so no harm done. The ride on the ferry was a bit rough, but all in all the journey went quite well.

We had three mornings of golfing lessons, and five days in total on which we could freely use the driving range and the golf course, which is a very nice 18 holes course. The golfing lessons were in one word: splendid. Never thought I could learn that much in so little time. They work with a multiple view camera system with which they can show you exactly what you’re doing wrong (looks like everything to start with) and what you do right (which was actually a lot after those lessons). It was a real pleasure to follow your own progress and that of the others, and it even showed on the course itself. Although on three of the afternoons the rain really poured out of the skies, we didn’t let that stop us. We had a warm hotelroom with a bath to return to, and a clubhouse for good food (and beer). We were rewarded for our persistence with a couple of warmer, almost-sunny days at the end of the week (which is really enough weather-wise for a good game of golf).

After departure (it was fun to practice my lefthand-driving again, hadn’t done that since South Africa) and a much more gentle ferry ride, we travelled home in about ten hours time (including our missing timezone hour). I’m almost losing faith in the continuity of time, having set the clock an hour back again this morning… might also have to do with watching The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy last night ;). Still have to read the book though.