When I started this blog-site I found a pretty nice theme to use, altered it a bit (mostly the top picture and sidebar) and got going. Now I grew tired of the old design and decided to start css-ing.

It had been a while since I worked in CSS, and frankly didn’t use it as sophisticated as this WordPress blog does. I know, you can stretch this miles and miles further, but I kinda like to keep it not too bloated.

Of course, the ultimate challenge was as usual to keep compability with all major browsers. I’ve now tested (and tweaked 😛 ) for Firefox 2, Safari, Internet Explorer (6, what’s that about 7 anyway, it just looks more ugly) and (yuck) Opera 9. It took only a couple of pixels (literally) to fix after all, at least when I ‘overlook’ a couple of minor deviations from the design in (indeed) IE and Opera.

I hope you like the new design. Feel free to leave comments, I might still be in a tweaky mood the next few days.