What is the first thing you think of when you think about moving? The new house of course. I’m moving in with my boyfriend, so that’s taken care of. But then the more important question rises: What about my games?

A little background could be helpful here. Last year I bought a very nice beautiful (I know I embellish) Besta (Ikea calls it a shelf unit). I really bought it for my games, the great thing about it is, is that it’s deep enough (40cm) for most games (of course Gemblo won’t fit anywhere 😉 )

So back to the moving situation, the first thing I wanted to move was: my games and the Besta, to put them in. It took 3 trips to move all the games and the Besta in the back of the car. I didn’t have any moving-boxes, so we made piles of similar sized games and put strings around them.

We rearranged the whole living-room (3 times) to come up with a nice place for the Besta, a couch didn’t survive this, but finally it was perfect.

Then started the fun part (after Eerko put up the Besta 😉 ), selecting which games could stay downstairs, which games should be put upstairs and what games we had double now. Of course I know exactly what games I have and what games Eerko has, but to see that sad pile of games (Durch die Wüste, Einfach Genial, TransAmerica, Blokus, a couple of tichu’s and Franks Zoo’s… and more!) it seemed like a lot more then I thought up front.

(ok, just one question in between, how sad is it, that we switched Carcasonne box-lids? I had most expansions, so my game stays downstairs, but it’s a Dutch version and the other CC game boxes are german and Eerko also has a german box?)

Putting everything in the Besta was the most fun, all our games together, moving the shelves up and down when needed. All the small games where put into nice boxes, so we can get them out easy but it doesn’t seem so cluttered.

So now the important things are done, now it’s time to get started with moving the rest of my stuff!