Well, a couple of weeks ago I finally bought the Canon EOS 450D digital SLR camera I’ve been wanting for some time now. I was waiting for the double zoom kit which still is sold-out everywhere, but after doing the math it seemed it actually didn’t make a difference to buy the single zoom kit now, and the extra zoom lens separately whenever it will be available (as of now, it still isn’t).

After playing for some time now, I’m getting very fond of this camera. It is very, very fast (makes sense, as I was used to a ‘standard’ digital camera), which makes it very good to takes photos of moving things (cats, i.e.). With its continuous focus and 3.5 shots per second (image stabilization also helps) you can catch almost anything, and the macro doesn’t dissapoint either (for this standard lens).

Some of the first photos taken:

[flickr]photo:2571544550[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2570719779[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2571546714[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2570722203[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2571549042[/flickr]
[flickr]photo:2570724421[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2570725511[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2570726725[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2571553836[/flickr] [flickr]photo:2570729067[/flickr]

I’m still trying and playing a lot, trying to get just the right depth of field and looking into the next lens to get. It will most probably be the EF-S 55-250 f/4-5.6 IS lens that would have been in the double zoom kit, because its affordable, has a lot of very nice reviews, and adds that bit of zoom I’ve been looking for.