While I use Aperture (v3) for my photo editing and organizing needs, my girlfriend uses iPhoto (v7). To get some of her beautiful shots in my library, I would like to use the Share feature of iPhoto. Unfortunately, it seems I cannot access this shared library from within Aperture directly.

Having gotten iPhoto (v8) myself with my new MacBook Pro, I simply start this program, and access her library from there. After copying the files to my iPhoto library (directly dragging to Aperture does show the +-cursor, but does not work) I can then import them in my Aperture library. Tedious, but it works. Most of the time.

During copying of the shared photos to my computer, I often get a message that some of the photos could not be imported due to their file type not begin recognized. After some investigation, I discovered that the photos giving this message have the file type ‘GEPJ’, which incidentally is JPEG spelled backward… Now where does that come from??

Most photos with this problem will successfully import a second time around. However, you have to redo your carefully made selection of photos to copy all over, because iPhoto forgets your selection as soon as it starts importing. There is an easier way though: in the error message of iPhoto, a path is displayed, which looks something like ‘/var/folders/Jf/Jf5z8CcW2RSzKE+1YogdOU+++TI/-Tmp-/iPhoto/DPAP/’. Yes, that’s a weird path. You can copy this path from the iPhoto dialog and paste it in the Finder in the dialog you get when pressing cmd-shift-G (Go to Folder). In this folder, you will see all photos you were trying to import, which you can then drag manually to iPhoto, or even directly to Aperture :). I presume however, that all iPhoto-specific meta-data that is not embedded in the photo itself (using EXIF) will be lost this way.