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Here are the statistics of our board game plays over 2013!

In 2013 we played a total of 423 board games, 3% less than in 2012 (434). However, we did play much more different games, 131 in total, up from 114 in 2012. Those were played on 127 different days (2012: 156 days) with 18 different (known) players.

Top 15 played board games (with 5 or more plays):

Rank Board game              Plays  2012   Diff   Rank 2012
1.   Race for the Galaxy        49    17  +188%   5   (+ 4)
2.   Dominion                   37    47   -21%   2   (± 0)
3.   Quarriors                  28     0          -
4.   Chess                      24     0          -
5.   Mahjong                    23    43   -47%   3   (- 2)
     Tichu                      23    58   -60%   1   (- 4)
7.   Love Letter                14     0          -
8.   Hanabi                     12     3  +300%   22  (+10)
9.   Click Clack Lumberjack     11     0          -
10.  Würfel Bohnanza            10    27   -63%   4   (- 6)
11.  Buccaneer Bones             7     0          -
12.  Do you worship Cthulhu?     5     0          -
     Heck Meck                   5     1  +400%   -
     Kingdom Builder             5     5     0%   12  (± 0)
     Ticket to Ride              5    15   -67%   6   (- 6)

No longer in the top 15 since 2012: Ascension, Bluff and Claim It! with 4 plays, 7 Wonders (just 3 plays), Nefarious (2 plays) and A Fistful of Penguins (no play in 2013!).

We played mostly at Home (70%), other popular locations were Spiel, Essen (8%), in the Garden (6%), at Maybe’s home (6%), at the BSW De Lage Landen meeting in Almelo (3,5%) and at our Hotel Bredeney in Essen during Spiel (2,5%).

Most popular play dates were the BSW DLL meeting in Almelo (28 sep 2013) and Spiel, Essen on 24 and 25 oct 2013 (13 plays per day). June 16th must have had good weather, because we played 12 games that day in the Garden, while we also played 12 games on New Years Eve.

[edit 05-01-2014: corrected all numbers slightly]

This year we went again for four days to Essen for the Internationale Spieltage (Spiel) 2013. This is what we arrived home with:


For an overview of some of the games we viewed and played, look at the photo’s below, or check Suzan’s BoardGameGeek list.


Apple has just updated Aperture to use Apple’s maps in the application, instead of Google’s version. I really like this update, because I always managed to accidentally zoom in and out with my magic mouse in the old version.

Now we have some wonderful possibilities with your mouse and keyboard modifiers:

  • Scroll around the map using horizontal and vertical scrolling on your mouse (or trackpad), click and drag also works of course, but make sure you drag the map and not one of the pins if you’re in moving-pins mode.
  • Zoom in or out with Shift + scrolling or Shift + dragging, or pinch-in and pinch-out on your trackpad.
  • Command + drag to draw a rectangle — the map zooms to include everything in the rectangle.
  • Double-click to zoom in, Option + Double-click to zoom out.
  • Click a pin to select all photos at that pin; Command + click to select more pins and all their photos.
  • Click a photo to select the pin and move the map so it’s visible; select more photo’s to select and show all related pins.

Right-clicking (or Control-clicking) on the map displays a contextual menu with the following options:

  • Assign photos: all selected photos will be pinned at the clicked location.
  • New place: opens a separate dialog where you can define and name your own place, including exact positions and size of the surrounding area. This place can from now on be found in the search box on the top right, and is displayed as the Location’s name for the photo.
  • Move pins: puts you in moving-pins mode, in which dragging can pick up existing pins and move them. You can close this mode using the Done button of the floating bar that appears on the bottom of the map.

I did not use the new map for large numbers of photos yet, but it feels to me it will be much less of a burden from now on.

In October we went to London for just five days. You can see and do a lot in such short time!





It’s late March and still snow is falling down. Because of the relative high temperatures it melts quickly though, which provides for nice picture opportunities, especially in close-up.


Foto’s van onze vakantie in Portugal.


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