Well, there it is. The summer has come and gone and finally I have an (in my opinion) well-deserved vacation. The first week passed fairly quickly as I actually worked a couple of afternoons of it, and was busy putting together the Ikea chairs I bought. They look good though, together with my new dinner table. That first week ended splendidly together with my new girlfriend :D.
Yesterday Martijn Prins visited, with lots of stories to tell about his travels the last year. Check out his site later, as soon as he’s finished updating it with new photos and movies.
Now I’m busy creating this new site, working out the design and content. I’ve wanted to create something like this for a while now, because I had a couple of sites scattered over the internet and I wasn’t that good at updating them regularly. This one should make things easier. It’ll take a couple of days more to put everything in it though; I have to enjoy the sun as long it’s still here ;).