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The iPad looks really terrific. I could easily see one lying around here in the living room somewhere. I could find the use for some nice piece of hardware that is easy to grab and start browsing, typing, or emailing on.

Most comments I hear are about a missing camera and multitasking. The camera just seems an obvious growthpath for Apple to me and I’m not surprised it didn’t make it in the first version. Although it would have been very nice in combination with a version of iChat to go with it.

Multitasking however would be something that I would really miss on a device this size. On the iPhone I rarely really miss it – switching between apps with the speed they do while retaining their current state is something that was easy to get used to with such a small screen. Now with the bigger iPad screen, I would love to put things in parallel, from different applications and within one application. I haven’t seen the possibility of putting two sites, or to iWork documents next to each other in the demos, let alone a site in Safari and a Pages document. This is something that isn’t too hard to imagine to be very handy. Add to that some messenger or twitter application running in the background, and you got your environment really going.

If the first version of the iPad doens’t support multitasking, at least it should support the Dashboard. In my opinion this would be the ideal place for the iPad to hide common functionality like the calculator, weather app and twitter client. It is easily accessible (with a specific gesture, for example), web-based and therefor not really running two apps at once. It would be really awkward to switch to another application (or get your iPhone out of your pocket) just to do a quick calculation when e.g. typing in Pages.

Speaking of which, I couldn’t find the Weather and Calculator apps in any of the screenshots of the iPad I’ve seen. Maybe Apple is already working on a Dashboard?

The sudden sales of Michael Jackson albums on the iTunes music store shows exactly why traditional music stores selling cd’s can’t compete: they weren’t available immediately (24/7) and just couldn’t have enough stock, while digital business never runs out.

I’ve been using Firefox 3 for some time, mostly after I discovered some great plugins and themes for it. The best plugin was Firebug, and although at later stages a similar function became available in Safari, I kept using the browser I knew best. Changing browsers is not something you should take on lightly as it is nowadays your environment for a lot of your computer usage.

With Safari 4 I decided to retry Apple’s default Mac browser, because of the nice new technologies it provides (HTML 5, web font rendering, newest CSS features), and because it will then render on my Mac exactly like it does on my iPhone, even syncing bookmarks between them. So I set out to try it, and a couple of weeks later, I decided to not go back.

It works then – but what were my most missed Firefox features and most positive Safari experiences? Here’s a list of differences that mattered to me:


A new version of the theme for this site has been activated. The new layout has two sidebars on the frontpage, so that more relevant and ‘current’ information can be shown. The entire site therefore has been widened. The sidebar style has been updated to be less conspicuous.

I’ve updated the stylesheet and cleaned it throughout, so the site is now also IE 8 compatible.

Officially the most annoying forum reply if you finally, through extensive googling, found a topic with just *that* question you have been walking around with for ages:

“oh no, not that question again, that’s been answered hundreds of times already. Please search for already existing answers elsewhere.”


Very good and clear visual explanation of the financial system in the US and the build-up to the credit crisis.

Ik kreeg van m’n zus een uitnodiging om ook op het Facebook netwerk in te schrijven. Na Hyves, Plaxo, LinkedIn, en nog wel een paar die ik nu vergeet is dat ook wel een erg veelgenoemd netwerk, dus… waarom niet? De link volgend om me aan te melden kreeg ik dit formulier voor m’n neus:

Facebook formulier

Facebook formulier

Met ‘hierboven’ bedoelden ze natuurlijk het formulier ‘hieronder’. Maar bij het invullen van het formulier kwam ik toch een wat aparte vraag tegen… Geslacht? Wie, ik?

NU TVgids logoWat ik in TV-gidsen eigenlijk altijd mis is een indeling op tijdstip; een normale TV-gids noemt per zender onder elkaar de programma’s op, maar heeft geen ‘horizontale kijk’. Hierdoor kun je niet in één oogopslag zien wat er nu en strak op TV komt. Digitale TV komt vaak wel met deze functionaliteit in de ingebouwde TV-gids, al is deze vaak wat aan de trage kant naar mijn mening.
Nu is er een vergelijkbare gids online! Hij is snel, flexibel en ziet er strak uit. Nicely done! Eens kijken of ik de komende tijd hier meer plezier aan beleef…

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Speaking of a single point of failure 😉

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Thanks to Donald for this disturbing material…

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