As a follow-up to the previous post, here is an example of what can be done with some simple photo-editing. These are the original and final versions of the Bee in Galty mountains photo.

Bee in Galty mountains, original Bee in the Galty mountains

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I always liked making photos, and lately have been playing a bit around with Gimp. Considering the fact that my compact Canon (A700) takes great pictures, they still can be visibly improved by just tweaking with the curves and colors. A slight retouch can make it as though some sort of ‘layer’ of vagueness is removed, without distorting the picture or creating weird colors. I’ve always wondered if better cameras and better lenses do indeed perform better in this specific area (apart from just focussing very well on the subject). At least, to create a nice picture, the best tweaker still needs good material to work with.

Some of the pictures that cleaned up quite nicely:

Bee in the Galty mountains Bridge over river Suir in Cahir Tara yawning

Gimp is a software program much like Photoshop, but free (it stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and don’t start about explaning GNU). It currently runs under X-windows in Mac OS X, which quite impressively runs smoothly along the rest of the native programs. It contains all the usual photo editing gizmo’s known to Photoshop users, but doesn’t come attached with a steep price tag. If you’re serieus about photo editing, but don’t want to spend ‘another camera’ on software it’s certainly worth looking into. And much better than using illegal copies of Photoshop, in my opinion. The latest version now also has support for ColorSync, but regretfully still doesn’t do CMYK.

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