Board Game StatsDo you play Board Games? We do, and needed a simple tool to record our scores, and also show statistics on our plays, scores, games and how well we do against other players.

Therefore, we created the app Board Game Stats, which is now available on the App Store.

Features include

  • Enter Games and set an image and scoring rules
  • Set Players and Locations
  • Enter your plays including location and scores per player
  • Calculate scores on the fly
  • Create teams and enter team scores
  • Search games on BoardGameGeek to load more details and a game image
  • View statistics for Games, Plays, and Players
  • View statistics for a specific combination of players
  • Export and import scores for easy backup and transfer
  • All in a native iOS interface

For screenshots: continue to the Board Game Stats page.

Download on the App Store

It’s “Try new things” morning, so it seems. So I’m typing this in the WordPress app on my iPad. I’m even trying ten finger typing, which works amazingly well in fact, in combination with the autocorrect features. Certainly not as fast as a regular keyboard, but it works.

Yesterday OmniFocus for iPad was released, and while I was waiting for this release I was kinda put off by it’s high price: €31,99. Considering I already bought the Mac version ($79,95) and the iPhone version (€15,99 and not really usable sync-performance-wise for the first year) this just seems a lot. In comparison: Things, which is a fairly comparable program, is only €7,99 for iPhone and €15,99 for iPad (unfortunately also not a universal app); so I could buy both mobile Things versions for less than just the iPad version of OmniFocus! The only major difference I could see is the inability of Things to sync using anything else than a local WiFi network, although they say this would be coming sometime this year.

And here’s the Thing (pun intended): (more…)

Begin maart was ik een weekje skiën in Oostenrijk en tijdens het skiën heb ik in twee gebieden met m’n iPhone’s GPS bijgehouden waar we precies waren. Op onderstande kaartjes kun je precies zien waar we waren, hoe hoog dat was, en hoe snel we gingen! Klik op een kaartje voor details; zet de kaart daarna nog even op Satelliet-beeld, dat maakt het een stuk duidelijker.

Schlick 2000, klik voor details

Schlick 2000, klik voor details

Schlick 2000 skiroute
1 maart 2009, 11:19 – 12:20
9.61 km afgelegd
Gemiddeld 9.38 km/h
Max snelheid 35.73 km/h
Start: Schlickeralm
– Piste 1
– Gondel Kreuzjochbahn I&II
– Piste 1
– Schlepplift Zirmach
– Piste 4c, 4
– Piste 1
Stubaier Gletscher, klik voor details

Stubaier Gletscher, klik voor details

Stubaier Gletscher skiroute
5 maart 2009, 9:53 – 11:12
14.64 km afgelegd
Gemiddeld 11.13 km/h
Max snelheid 34.21 km/h
– Gondelbahn Eisgrat II
– Gondelbahn Schaufeljoch
– Piste 5a
– Doppelsesselbahn Pfaffengrat
– Piste 10
– Piste 4a

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