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This year we went again for four days to Essen for the Internationale Spieltage (Spiel) 2013. This is what we arrived home with:


For an overview of some of the games we viewed and played, look at the photo’s below, or check Suzan’s BoardGameGeek list.


In October we went to London for just five days. You can see and do a lot in such short time!



At the end of March we spent 5 days running around Paris. We stayed at a small hotel near Gare du Nord, where we arrived conveniently with the Thalys.


I’ll be adding photos of our trip to this Flickr set for a while.

Photo collection of Paddy, our new kitten.


Photo collection of Dot, who had a great, but far too short life with us.


Some photos of Deventer city.


Tara enthusiastically playing with his new toy from Suzan’s parents.


Photos from last weekend when the sun actually broke through and tried to melt down the last bits of snow. Unfortunately, more snow fell again after that, and at this moment it is rain that is trying to do its part. Enough of this now, let spring commence!

[flickr]photo:4325130631(small)[/flickr] [flickr]photo:4325868802(small)[/flickr]

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